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Our innovative retail bank solution empowers your institution with the essential tools to deliver top-notch services to retail customers. With advanced API integration, a user-friendly interface, and data-driven analytics, our system offers a diverse range of product configurations, ensuring an adaptable banking experience. Your institution gains complete control, aligns processes, and tailors products to match your clients' requirements.
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Our strengths

Define, configure, and process a wide array of products and transactions, including consumer loans, deposits, and other financial services. Furthermore, easily create and oversee a variety of customer accounts, from savings to term deposits. Keep track of account balances, transactions, and statements with ease.
Data-Driven Analytics and Personalized Marketing:
Unlock the power of data within our system to shape comprehensive analytics. This empowers you to understand customer behavior, transaction trends, and key performance indicators. Moreover, it enables precise information management, allowing you to select and retain specific data. This functionality supports the creation of customized metrics for informed decision-making and personalized marketing strategies that matter most to your institution.
Payment Processing:
Facilitate various payment methods, encompassing fund transfers, bill payments, direct debits, and standing orders, assuring customers can manage their financial obligations effortlessly. Additionally, set up transaction fees tailored to your business logic, offering flexibility in fee structures for different transactions.
Ongoing Enhancements:
We consistently provide updates and improvements to make sure you stay ahead of industry advancements. As the banking landscape evolves, your retail bank can adjust without the need for extensive development.
Adaptable Banking Solutions Suite:
Our extensive set of retail banking solutions cater to a wide range of business needs, providing custom-fit answers to your specific requirements:
1. Seamlessly configure and modify your business processes using our BPM solution.
2. Simplify intricate logics into optimized solutions through the Decision Maker.
3. Fulfill the modern demand for distant loan services via our SPLYTZ platform.
4. Establish and modify your back-office operations, including user access, leveraging the Back Office solution.
5. Upgrade banking operations and reduce the burden of branch-related tasks utilizing our user-friendly and feature-rich Mobile Banking system.

Interesting Statistics

Financial Frontiers: Embarking on an Exploration of Fintech's Dynamic Data Landscape
Retail banks offering personalized and digital-centric experiences have achieved a notable 68% customer satisfaction rate.
$27 trillion
Retail banks processed an enormous $27 trillion in payments volume in the previous year, highlighting the pivotal role they play in facilitating global transactions.
Digital payment methods have been adopted by 63% of retail banking customers, showcasing the evolving preferences towards cashless transactions.

Why choose Highway for your business?

Highway paves the way for your institution to embrace agility in finance and banking. Our composable architecture facilitates rapid innovation, swift product launches, and agile responses to market shifts. With Highway, adaptability becomes your competitive edge, ensuring you efficiently meet evolving customer needs.
Experience the transformative force of financial inclusion with Highway. Our dedication to fostering financial inclusion is the cornerstone of every solution we offer, guaranteeing that everyone has the opportunity to participate and thrive in the financial world. We empower you to bridge gaps and extend access to financial services. Our innovative and affordable solutions not only open new avenues for sustainable growth and opportunity but also champion our commitment to creating a more inclusive financial world.
Your journey towards the future of financial services demands a modular, API-driven approach. Our insights spotlight the evolution of composable financial services, enabling seamless integration with third-party services. Swift incorporation and personalized customer experiences become the norm, ensuring you lead the charge towards an innovative financial future.
Highway provides versatile solutions tailored to fuel your institution's expansion. Whether you're a developing startup or an established enterprise, our platform seamlessly adapts, enabling efficient operations scaling. Expand into new markets, introduce innovations, and meet rising customer demands without sacrificing performance or agility.

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