Once Upon a Time in Fintech

It was a sunny April day. It was on this day that our company was born. And from that moment on, Fintech has never been the same.

The origins of Highway

Highway is a fintech company founded in 2021. Our team consists of professionals with strong background in both banking and tech industries and we have come together with a mission to revolutionize banking technology.

Today, even the simplest banking service involves a complex orchestration of different systems, transaction processing, security and more. With our core banking engine, comprehensive toolkit and front-end solutions our clients can build a variety of product offerings tailored to their customer’s needs. From embedded lending and mortgages to digital onboarding and consumer loans. Whatever your needs, Highway gets you there faster, at less effort and cost.

With Highway you can now focus on delivering banking and financial services to your customers without worrying about the complex technological issues.


At Highway, our workday is like any other, but it is not just about the tasks. It is about our approach and collaboration. Dedicated to advancing the career growth of each individual, our team strives to foster a company-wide culture of support, well-being, empowerment, and diversity.

Davit Baloyan


Avetis Ovakimyan


Arthur Hakobyan


Vahe Khachatryan

Co-founder/Engineering Director

Sahak Vardanyan

Co-founder/Core Banking Architect

Greta Manukyan

Deputy CEO

Ani Yeghoyan

Chief People Officer

Our Values

Our values are essential for doing our mission and reaching our vision, as they guide each one of us in our communication and relationship with our team members, partners, customers, and other stakeholders.
Integrity is a key value for our team and a distinct behavior pattern with all our stakeholders. We strongly believe that without integrity there is no trust and without trust there is no success.
Hard Work
Success comes through hard work. We believe in hard work but we also encourage the right work/life balance.
We embrace innovation by promoting new ideas, taking risks and learning from our mistakes. We strive to exceed expectations and bring new solutions to life.

Our Mission

Our goal is to revolutionize banking technology, making it intuitive, user-friendly, and modern. We aim to make banking accessible to all, anytime and anywhere.
We build highways to make banking:


Our dynamic team collaborates seamlessly to craft pioneering solutions. With a shared commitment to quality, we are reshaping the fintech landscape through technology-driven innovations and a customer-centric focus.

Sedrak Ghukasyan

Senior React JS Developer

Karapet Harutyunyan

Senior Database Developer

Mikayel Simonyan

Senior JavaScript Engineer

Movses Aleksanyan

Senior .Net Software Engineer

Anna Mikayelyan

QA Engineer

Elen Petrosyan

Senior QA Engineer

Gohar Terzyan

Database Developer

Hasmik Gevorgyan

QA Engineer

Anahit Ghazaryan

QA Engineer

Lusine Hovsepyan

.Net Software Engineer

Arshavir Apresyan

DevOps Engineer

Garik Nikoyan

.Net Software Engineer

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